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High jump of the day award goes to.....

We were lucky enough to have this dolphin not only follow use but put on an air show like no other ta boot!

It's just another day in the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve, cruising the back bay along Fort Myers Beach until we saw this happen. It isn't unusual to spot dolphin back here but what happened next was the picture perfect moment.

This dolphin just appears out of nowhere, I mean literally no one on board saw this dolphin coming, not even me and I'm the Captain! The dolphin came about two feet from us and off it went.

The dolphin was big enough and close enough that we could hear it take a huge breath at the highest point of the jump ( check out the blow hole just North of the dolphin's eye wide open! ). Bottle nosed dolphin will exchange up to 90% of their lung capacity in a single breath, compared to a human rate of around 7% that's a bit more air in just a few seconds.

Just before the dolphin touch's down to the water the blow hole snaps shut with a strong muscular flap making a waterproof seal for re-entry. Let's face it, it's not fun getting water up your nose!

Just when you start to think that things couldn't get any better another dolphin joins and tags along for another minute, two dolphins side by side swimming along without a care in the world. Hey, not all dolphin tours are the same - this doesn't happen everyday, and it's these wonderful things in nature that continue to get me out on the water!

Have a great day everyone!

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