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Manatee Time!

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

The Florida Manatee has recently been removed from the Endangered Species List, but that doesn't mean we can ignore the rules and regulations of our waterways.

The "no wake" zones were specifically implemented in places that the Florida manatee use as an express way.  

Unlike the shallow, unmarked areas of Estero Bay that are rich with sea grasses, the "no wake" zones are generally deeper to allow safe passage for larger boats to navigate, and during the transition from warm Summer water temperatures to cooler Fall temperatures it is very common to see Fl

orida manatee use these channels more frequently as they begin to migrate to areas of warmer water.

These slow zones are designed to reduce the impact severity of a boat on a manatee, specifically the impact of a fast moving boat or jet ski can do more harm then slow moving boat or jet ski.                            "No wake"zones are strategically placed in areas where Florida manatee and boaters come together in the same place in a waterway to do the same thing, get from A to B and nothing else.  

The slow zones are a great place to find Florida manatee in the Winter months, so use that time to keep a good look out.  Don't forget, never actively peruse the Florida manatee, it is illegal and un-ethical. 


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